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“A Frenchie should always start the morning with a croissant and french press” says his dad as I walk through the door, “and so should we!” I laughed in agreement and settled in around the bar with Wally, his two dads, and his loving Auntie Deanna. Over coffee and an almond croissant that melted in my mouth, I listened to stories of how Wally came to be part of the family and how much he means to everyone he meets. Wally enjoyed our company for a bit and then settled into a nap on his dad’s legs.

This is how most Saturdays begin in Wally’s home: with breakfast and toys at home, followed by a walk to Madison Square Park dog run with his dads. This frenchie is well-known in the neighborhood and is often stopped to smile for a tourist’s camera or to talk to an old friend.

But, there is more to Wally than just his daily activities. Wally is the member a newly-formed family and recently celebrated the wedding of his two dads. He is very loved and enjoys each day surrounded by people who love him so much. This is a glimpse into Wally’s world.













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“We’re sortof a big, awkward, tight-knit family.”

This is how Matt and Allie describe their newly-formed family of four. Soon after Matt and Allie got married, they wanted a companion for Matt’s English Bulldog Giuseppe, and Lois the Frenchie puppy was the perfect fit! Matt says, “Thankfully our plan to provide a companion for Giuseppe worked and they are now best friends. It would have been pretty devastating if it backfired on us!”

Lois and Giuseppe live in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and their daily routine includes sleeping, wrestling, eating, and taking a daily walk to the Williamsburg pier. “They’re practically inseparable,” says Matt.

It was a joy photographing these two New York City bulldogs. This is a glimpse into their world.

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